Liebster! {Good thing this post took me forever to write}

Yeah for Liebster!
I was reading some of my favorite blogs today and saw some "liebster awards" going around. What is this? I must know more!

A Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, sweetest, cutest. The award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

I was scrolling down the list of nominations on some blogs {demonstrated below}, and sweet! My blog cropped up! Well isn't that just peachy. :) Thanks, one and all to those who nominated my blog. I feel like we should share PB&J sandwiches together sometime.

But really, this award is really cool because it gives bloggers a chance to, like the award says, "discover new blogs!". I love finding new treasures {blogs}, so I love this. With the award comes some "rules". Here they are:

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
  • Answer the questions the nominator asked, and create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
  • Go to their page and tell them.
  • No tag-backs.
So, let's get to it! 11 things about little ole me....

1. The day I got my braces off was one of the best in the whole entire universe {I think anyone who has been through this day would whole-heartily agree}. The slimy, smooth texture of my teeth was completely satisfying in an indescribable way. I don't think I've ever touched the front of my teeth with my tongue that many times in one day in my life!

2. I love crackers and chippies. Ask my husband. He says that more often than not, I can be seen holding a cracker or chip in hand. I try to stick to the crackers. :) But there is just something about a salty crunch that gets me. Ah. I need a cracker. 

3. I have some big dreams. But there are 3 MAIN big dreams. 1:Be A WIFEY. [Done.] :) And thank heavens it's an eternity thing, not just a momentarily thing. I adore it. 2: BE A MOMMY. Ah! I want, more than anything, to be the epitome of a mother. The thought of having little heads all around me-having tickle fights, flour fights, peanut butter all over the walls, crayons on the floor, soccer games to attend, room mother duties, concerts to enjoy-----you name it and my heart is full. I want this more than anything. I can't wait for Chad & I's special little spirits to get here! And 3: Go to Africa and many other places around the world helping other people through service. I LONG for this. Helping children in orphanages, making schools, helping sick people...I want to be apart of that. I want to participate in a hard core humanitarian group. 

4. When I was 6 years old I said I liked 11 boys. Mind you, they were people like, "the one kid I saw at the gas station on our trip to California". :) I was so silly....

5. I didn't know Tweetie was a boy until 3 days ago. Huh.

6. Scary movies? Not my thing. I don't like the evil spirit I feel when I watch them. Doesn't make sense to me WHY someone would openly invite that. 

7. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. :) Proud of it. 

8. My husband is better than Spider-Man. I know. LUCKY!!!!

9. I had extremely Blondy hair as a child. It just turned darker with age. 

10. I LOVED high school. Yeah, there's the not so dandy parts, but overall, I had GREAT friends, GREAT teachers, a GREAT community to support me, and lots of love. Proud to be a caveman!

11. "My Man"-Barbra Streisand from Funny Girl. Ah. "People" as well. Gets me every time.

And here are my questions from Jeannie and Allie. {I chose some from each} 
  1. Why do you blog? Why? Because it gives me a space to keep my thoughts. I do have lots of journals, which never can be replaced. Nothing is like gliding a pen along that holds your deepest wishes and joys. Blogging is just another form of that for me...clicking of keys....and I can keep friends and family updating on what I'm doing and see what my friends are up to.
  2. Favorite piece of furniture (and it can't be your bed!)? I love really sweet coaches that have awesome fabric on them. But mostly, my family's navy blue coaches that are now resting in peace. :'(  Such a sad day when we had to throw those away! So many memories on those couches!
  3. What is your signature dance move? Penguin waddle. Gets them every time.
  4. Character in a movie/book you related to most? Gah. This is hard. Don't you feel like you can always relate to someone in a book in some way? Of course I felt like I could relate to Hermione when I was a young teen. :) What girl didn't? The rest shall remain anonymous for now.
  5. Number one place you never want to go? The Land of Mis-Fit Toys. How sad would that be?!
  6.  What is your biggest pet peeve? Disrespect. Oh baby. It makes me cringe when people talk over others, don't listen to the teacher, or are just plain rude and cruel. Absolutely hate it.
  7. Favorite word? Today? Superbly. :) My visiting teacher text it to me and I can't stop thinking how superbly superbly is!
  8. Guilty pleasure? Cookie dough. Deep fried chocolate {jokes ;)}. Nutella.
  9.  Which TV show do you never get sick of? Cosby Show! And Boy Meets World!
  10.  Thoughts on breakfast? I wish I had more time for it to be a hard-core breakfast eater. Like actually getting up and making waffles sounds like a dream! Like a lot of everyone, I usually grab and go.
  11. If you were a tree, what tree would you be? Acorn Tree! Then I would have kisses* all over me to give away to passerbys.
    Alright. Now it's my turn to nominate. :) 
    Here's my questions for them now because my computer is being nuts and won't let me post them after. 
    1. What is your deepest more wonderful life dream for yourself?
    2. Shoes or no shoes?
    3. Did you have a favorite thing when you were little? Like a blankie, stuffed animal?
    4. How do you eat your oreos?
    5. Paper, or plastic?
    6. If there was ever an opportunity for you to go skydiving, would you?
    7. Favorite kids show as a child?
    8. Did you get babysat as a kid? If you ever babysat, any stories?
    9. What do you do for your "me" time?
    10. A person you admire.
    11. Why blog?
    Good thing this post took me 2 weeks to write. HA! Love you all!
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