"Best" in Friend

Today was one of those days
where you just want to
put on sweats,
you don't care about your hair one bit,
curling up with a book is the only thing
to keep me sane,
and chocolate would satisfy my soul
with most definite, positive results.


Do any of you have
a person in your life
that fills every day with
They put the word
"merry" in Christmas
and "happy" in birthday.

They put "hot" in chocolate
and "bubble" in gum.
They put "sun" in set,
and "friend" in ship.

They simply make you smile.

They make any occasion
ten trillion times better
just with their presence.

You can't help but think,
"if they were here,
I would feel so much better".

Even though I miss them...
I am so grateful for this moment
because it makes me realize
just how much I
and unmistakable..


Miss you, Chaddy.

Love always,
Little Besty


  1. I miss him too Ally, but he will be home before we know it. The countdown begins( maybe you should put a countdown clock on your blog LOL.) Love you!

  2. Haha! I just might. ;) Yes, it'll be here before ya know it. I just have those days...