I feel like I'm slightly bi-polar.

The day starts out with rockin'
some carrots and grape juice.

I finish off the weekly letter
and want to cry-happy tears
concerning the spiritual
realizations I discovered that week
that were etched upon the paper
in the envelope.

Moments later
I have to slap myself
for lashing out at my
wonderful mother.

Ally, where did that
come from?
She didn't do anything
to me...
why did I do that?

I know I have to go
make it better,
so I agree to journey
with her on her errands.

:)Happy mommy.

Then I'm hungry.

Then I feel like I need
to sleep forever.

Then I stare in boredom.

Then I feel so happy
about being in another musical
this summer that I dance around.

I get in the car
and get sooo excited
about a new idea I have
to help express how much
I care about someone.

Let me hear a Huzzah
for brilliance!

Then I get shy.

Then I can't stop talking.

Then I feel like I'm gonna
be a loner for the rest of my life.

Then I get excited about
decorating my future home.

Then I get a wee flutter
of frustration.

Then I am brought to
utter silence.

Then I sit on furniture and
want to tear it open.

Then I want to go lay in the rain
and dream.

Then I cut hair and feel

And now I'm here.

My poor husband.

I just need to breathe.

And this song helps
me do so.

Thanks Mindy
for calming my
fluttery heart!

"All is Well"

Love always,
Little Besty

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