Domestic Woman

So, I have a dream.
And it's pretty rad.

a sweet-awesome
domestic woman.

What does these mean?

It means when I say
"I do"
to the greatest man alive,
I will be able to sew clothes
for the children.
I will have fantastic {and cheap} meals
on the table the first week
of our marriage, and forever.
I can say I bought an old dresser
and fixed it up to show it's true beauty.

I will know how to clean everything.
I will know about the plants in our garden
and know how to help them grow.
I'll know how to take care of a child.
I'll know how to pay the bills
{though my hubbie will greatly be assisting me}.

I will play with my children...
have annual mud-fights
and pillow fights...
and they will know
their mommy and daddy loves them.
I'll shower them with kisses
and make lunches...each different
to meet their needs.

And above all,
I will teach my children
the remarkable gospel of Jesus Christ.
They will know how much Heavenly Father
and Christ love them.
My husband and I will create a
"heaven on earth"
for our beautiful children.


With dreams
comes a lot of hard work
and "enjoying the scenery"
along the way.
{if you don't believe me,
watch Princess and the Frog};)

With the amazing help
of the Young Women Recognition Award,
I have had opportunities to learn how to
sew, cook, organize, and even budget.

So I'm not starting from ground zero. :)

Some of my projects this summer
to help me prepare for marriage
a household of babies, and develop
this young woman before you
are as follows:

*Fix any repairs for my clothing.
{College? I fixed a skirt, sewed on buttons,
patched my friend's jeans, and reconstructed
sandals. Boo-yah.}
-I'm working on a shirt right now!
I removed an unwanted ruffle
and am putting some lace on it.
*Sand down and repaint a desk
I bought at DI for college and my future home,
and do some crafty- mod podge on the drawers.
*Help the garden. Weed. Make name-tags for plants.
*Continue to help my mommy in cooking.
I can't believe how much I've learned
even in the past two weeks!
*Job. Budget. Period.
*Continue to write down ideas
of traditions/tips for my future fam.
*Recipe box
*Shoes? Old? Whatev. I'll make them
shine once again!
*Finally finish the scrapbook for my
Best Friend that I promised would be done
after the mish.

And there are many more.
The list is continual.
I refuse to be a newly wed woman
and have no idea what I'm doing.
It just AIN'T gonna happen.

I'm on my way...
doing all I can to reach
my destiny
as a domestic woman.

Little Besty
is livin' the dream.

Love always,
Little Besty


  1. wonderful :) i wish i had this motivation before i got married. me and nick just barely made our first "homemade meal" the other day haha but we're getting better :) homemade meals are expensive! i love this. you're going to be the best wife/mommy ever. and, also, you don't say "i do." you say, "yes." it means a whole lot more in the temple!

  2. Haha! I've heard home-y meals are crazy on the money charts! We have to figure out a way to slim them down. ;) We could become crazy coupon mommies like the ones on the tlc channel! Wow. Ah gee...I knew we don't say "I do" in the temple...but man. "Yes" seems so wonderful for reasons I obviously don't even know yet. I love you, Steph. I miss you so so so much. I feel like I need to sit and have lunch with you sometime and talk for hours. Hmmm. Hopefully it will happen someday soon. Love ya!

  3. You are so on top of things! Way to be Ally! Your children are gonna love having a mom who is such a good example :)