I had a little experience yesterday...

I went to the
of the class
of 2011.

Weird to think that
only a year ago...
I was them.

As they walked across
the A and F
and threw their caps in the air...

it was all a bit too familiar.

Not gonna lie
to you all.
Ally Pally got a bit
misty eyed quite a
few times.

It is such a joyous,
"full of life"

I remember how
surreal I felt.

Everyone was blurry,
and my heart was pounding
in my chest.

As I raised my hands
in the air as I walked across...
I saw my whole life
"flash before me eyes".

So many memories...

I'm one of those girls
who ADORED high school.

there were moments.
Moments where I wondered
if the "all nighter" was worth it,
if finishing my math really
was essential to my happiness.

But overall?
I had the greatest times
of my life in those brick walls
of dear old AF high.

As that billowing
red gown and cap,
surrounded me,
I knew I had found
and would owe my life
to that school and the people
within in that took care of me.

I know you're so excited
to get out of there,
{believe me, I was in your shoes}
but take time to appreciate
what you were given.
You will never have that
time again.

You will never feel the same way.

There is no more "lunch" time.
No more "riding on the bus".
No more "first period".
No more "picture day".

It's just not the same.

You will love the years to come.
Growing up even more...
Going to college...
Serving a mission...
Being an adult...

But for now?
Remember and appreciate.
Don't say,
"I'm so glad to get out of there!"

You'll miss it.

A year ago,
I graduated from
American Fork
High School.

Class of 2010.

"Oh the places you'll go..."


Love always,
Little Besty


  1. :)wowzers. can you believe an entire year has gone by? i cant believe i'm actually done.