With only a few hours left in Cedar,
I bid it farewell.

There have been days of sunshine and laughter.

And also those of tears and heartache.

I cannot begin to express the changes
I have been through as a woman of God
in this little city.

Appearing here with a spiritual confirmation
to back me up
and lots of bean & bacon soup,
I began my journey as a college student.

I truly began to change
when I let everything go.
Back home and my past.

I believe we can cling to our precious
memories of the past,
but we must press forward and do hard things.

Hard things like starting all over
at a college where I am all alone.

All I had to comfort me were
Husband {my stuffed animal gorilla},
Little Eddie {my little monkey},
some pictures,
and my beloved Savior and Father.

It's a journey.
And a journey isn't easy...
but it's worth it.

I end this chapter of my life,
and begin anew...
with a fresh page to fill.

I dip my pen
in the awaiting ink...

And so begins
The Summer of 2011.

Love always,
Little Besty

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