For the past few days, I've been working on a Mommy Day program for the women of my Grandma's rest home. I always love putting together musical programs/firesides of such a nature, and have found continual joys and treasures in this project. Reasons why? Let me share::

1} I get to choose songs, which leads to my "dream of one day singing that song in a public setting" fantasy to come true. I've wanted to sing two of the songs I put in the program since I was a sophomore in high school. E-o!

2} I find little treasures...different ways to attempt a song that makes it unique and quite beautiful. Who knew adding ukelele could make a primary song even more exquisite than it already is.

3} The last two programs I've put together have involved women. Therefore, I've done a lot of soul searching on what I could say to women and mothers alike that would lift their spirits. Lots of prayer goes into these things.

4} I simply get to share my passion.

For centuries, the world has told women what they should be and how they should look.

*"You have to look gorgeous 24/7."
*"You need to make gourmet meals every day."
*"You have to be the perfect homemaker. Sewing, baking,
laundry, feeding kids properly, doctor, dishwasher, party guest..."
*"You need to be on an constant diet and exercise like crazy."

"Be what the world wants"

I'm here to tell you that all the worldly fantasies of a women are simply not real.

I may not be a mother {yet ;)}, but I have felt the pressure of what a woman should be, according to the world. I'm human, folks. Who can blame me. However, a bright, beautiful day came where I woke up and thought:

"I don't care what anyone else things of me. I only care what Heavenly Father thinks".

And all my worldly worries went away. I didn't have to have name brands. I didn't have to have the make-up they advertized on TV. I actually liked the days I didn't wear make-up. Let's just say I had a day where I had to pull out the sweats-it was totally fine-and I felt beautiful. I loved my body. It all came together...simply because I understood His love for his daughters.

I'm glad I learned this valuable lesson before I became a mother. Now I know the most important aspect of a mother is that they love their children unconditionally and do whatever it takes to keep the family protected. I am bringing up Heavenly Father's special spirits that He has intrusted to me. Therefore instilling the message of how much Heavenly Father loves them in vital to my little kiddies.

Bottom-line, I am not the world. I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father and He will give me the tools and inspiration I need to be a good mommy and a divine woman of God.

This opportunity to put together this program for women has been superb, and I look forward to the next couple days while I'm putting on the finishing touches.

Love always,
Little Besty

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