A few days ago,
my Daddy
made me a hamburger.

It was goooood.
Not because of the
savoring juices
that oozed from the meat,
but because I found
out later he was supposed
to eat the burger himself,
but he gave it to me instead.

With that in mind,
the awesomeness

I sit down at the table
and my dad stays
and talks with me.

I had just gone to the temple
and told him all about it
and how much I had learned,
and he went on to tell me
about incredible stories
and lessons he learned
while working in the temple
for 10 years.

I love spiritual talks with me dad.
He is so knowledgeable
and has an intricate perspective
on principles and life.

He mentions how
a lot of his life lessons
and answers to prayers
have come years later...
and then it all makes sense.

it takes time to understand
what you're going through.

And when you look back...
it all begins to make sense,


Then my Daddy started
talking about prayer.

My mom and dad are currently
the Family History people
in my singles ward,
which is super sweet
because I still get to go to
church with them every week!

So the Elder's Qu. Pres.
of my ward
challenged the men
in his priesthood lesson
to pray for 15 minutes.

You'd be surprised how long
that really is.

My dad told me about his
experience doing what the Pres EQ
had asked,
and then he began to realize

What do you do
at the end of a prayer?

I'm thinking,
"Say amen".

My answer is true,
but not what my dad
was looking for.

"Ally, what are you
doing right now as
I'm talking to you?"

"I'm listening."



How many times
have I prayed and hopped
right in bed?

Do we realize that
answers and feelings
of comfort and strength
could come from our Father
and Savior, instantly?

I've asked in sincere prayer...
now am I listening for an answer?

Do we realize, as well,
that prayer is a
two-way conversation?

Working on this
in my prayers this week
as been one of the
most sacred experiences
in my life.

I've practiced listening
in my prayers
since I was young,
but to really focus on it
is making such a difference
in my life.

It's amazing what words
and advice can come from
Heavenly Father when I
listen for it.

Try it.
Give Him a chance
to be there for you.

Have a fantastic
memorial day weekend!

Love always,
Little Besty


  1. Thanks for this Ally :) I really admire your faith. You are a great example.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I've discovered that so much is deep within us, and we already have a testimony. We just have to let it out and nourish it. We are all capable of incredible amounts of light and faith....we just have to give it a chance to live. Love you, Chandice. Hope all is well!