Catching up

I swear I have written more in the last two days that I have in my entire life.

*{Holy Smokes}*

From application essays to scholarship essays to summaries to literary narratives to filling out transcript forms...my heavens! If people don't know who I am by now and why I do what I do, I think I'm going to die. In pudding. What?

I feel like my brain is going to explode.
And we all know what that means.
Go blog.

Okay, I'm cool with that. ;)

I just wanted to kinda chill on this entry so don't mind if it's just bits of random and catching-upness?
{Yes "catching-upness is a word, thank you!}

Once upon a December...
I got glasses!Ya, even though my mommy thinks I look like a librarian {which I must concur, especially with the lovely sweater I'm sporting in this photo}, I believe they suit me. I am forbidden to wear them everyday, but I do very much enjoy them with an exquisite love of lenseness. ;)

Can I introduce you all to something? Windows Wednesdays.
I have the greatest friend ever named Aaron here at SUU and he primarily wears contacts, just like myself. Well, one day I saw that lovely case screaming "glasses!" on his sink and directly ran to him and said he had to put them on.
Note to self: Men always look attractive with glasses. It's that whole super-man/spider man affect. Just sweeps you off your feet. I find it crazy, in my opinion, that two pieces of glass on someone's face held together with plastic or metal can instantly say, "dang!", but they do! So odd. Well, he finally succumbs to my pleading and puts them on. Oh yes. At this point I wonder why on earth he doesn't wear them more often. With this in mind, I figure that if there's only one day a week he has to wear them...I just might get him to stop ranting on about how awful he looks in them and actually agree with me that they look good. So! We invent Windows Wednesday. {It was the only day we could make some acronym with that related somehow to glasses...don't judge}.

If anyone wants to join us, feel free. ;)

Can I just express to the world what my favorite look is?
Sweats, t-shirt with a possible sweater, comfy socks, messy hair {maybe pulled back for women}, and glasses. This goes for both men and women. I sincerely love it! To me, that's screaming the message of : "I love to just chill. I am confident and enjoy being me. Whether I am dressed up or having a day {or a week ;)} where the sweats are my dominant clothing item, I'm just sailing along and loving life." I really think you look GREAT.
My favoritiest look in the entire universe.

What is your favorite look?

I still need to read my scripts* before beddy-bye, so I shall say, sleep well. Remember to put your life completely in the Lord's hands. This really can be a challenge and I am willing to admit that. But trust me on this one, and give the Savior and Father the chance to mold you into the God/Goddess he intended you to be. He won't let you fall.

I promise.

"Make it so"
Love Always,
Little Besty

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