A small thought on Kindness

This morning, I was casually walking to the library.My mind was filled with thoughts of the papers I needed to print off in order for my day to flow successfully. Suddenly, my ears perked at the sound of an old man.

"Oh, thank you for your service!"

I looked up to see a young man holding the library door open for an elderly man with a cane. By the look on the young man's face, I think he was shocked at the profound words seeping from the elderly man's lips. If he expected anything at all, I'm sure he thought it could be a mere thank you. But no, this man, with cane in hand exclaimed,

"Oh, thank you for your service!"

I watched as the man walked away. I wondered what his life story was, what his thoughts were on kindness and appreciation. Regrettably, I didn't stop him. I merely went through the door and found a computer.

As I went through the doors, my thoughts drifted to the young man. He was no where to be found, but I wondered how that had affected him. Did he walk away thinking, "that just made my day", or did it seem like no big deal? I hope, with all good intentions, that it touched his heart.

Oh, what a man is he
who takes the small moments to truly thank his fellowmen.

Happy day
All is well.

Love always,
Little Besty

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