Dear Self

Dear Ally::

*You are going to exercise more this year. {Scottie, you want to take me on the first annual Cedar City Walmart run of 2011 to see if there's a cheap-o swimsuit?}
*You are always going to get up at 7:30 like you did today and take a nice shower. Remember how good you felt this morning.
*You WILL do the homework you get the day of, rather than the night before. {I've been pretty good about this already}.
*You will ALWAYS eat breakfast. ALWAYS.
*You will read at least one verse of scripture each morning. DON'T FORGET YOUR MORNING PRAYERS!
*Night scripture study will continue to happen.
*You will have one official day a week that you wear no makeup.
*You will participate in Zoomba.
*You are going to sleep a lot. At least 8 hours which means beddy-bye happens at 11:30.
*You are going to put all your music in its plastic pages and keep it in that awesome binder you love.
*You are going to write one thank-you card a day.
*You will write in at least one of your journals every day.
*You will get dressed, get ready, and then go out the door, done thinking about yourself.
*You will bring healthy munchies with you in your bag everyday so you don't die.
*You will always have your "four-eyes" with you.
*You are going to text Mommy once a day so she knows you aren't dead.
*You are going to remember that Monday-Wednesday-Friday is 2 meal-plan days.
*Calling? Most important thing.
*No movies till everything you could do is done. {Including visits} Pretty good about this already.
*Not spend money on things you don't NEED.
*You will always have a book you will be reading.

I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start. ;) There will most likely be another one of these soon, but I thought I'd just start now to make sure I don't forget anything.

Happy Returning to School Day!

Giggles&Chuckles o'theday*: Stitt plays chords, "Now sing Tonic!" uh....wha? Head of Department Bradshaw walks in...haha...oh boy. Welcome to your Music Theory 2 students who can't remember how to sing tonic/do. ;)

Goodies: That shower was goooood!

Bad/But it's okay: That one thing...that happens every once in awhile...just made me want to die and crawl in the depth of my blankies and eat lots and lots of chocolate. But guess what? I DON'T HAVE ANY CHOCOLATE! I think a Walmart run is DEFINITELY in order.

Love you all! It's good to be back in good ole' Cedar. ;)

Love always,
Little Besty

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