With a million and 1/2 "I just want to write!" moments in the last 24 hours, I thought it would be most beneficial to my mind and aching heart to just sit at the computer, and let inspiration come into my fingers.

Oh, I have lots and LOTS of things I could and WANT to write about, but I guess it's all a matter of choosing one little thing to expound upon today.

I have a heap on my mind...just let me get my thoughts together.

Today I wish I could have seen this.

Two young men walking down a street, both so young and just starting to explore the world.
They wear suit coats or with white collared shirts that are maybe a little tattered and have a tie around their neck. They own quite a few. ;) They carry a light in their eye-not a light that is impossible for anyone to carry, but it's special because it's a exquisite "serving"light. They look eager for the day. They have heavy backpacks strapped to their backs. Maybe one of them is holding a Book of Mormon.
I see a vision of a door opening in front of them and the senior companion reaches out his hand and smiles...oh so warmly at the woman at the door. They introduce themselves, and ask if she know anything about the gospel they speak of.
The greatest part? Yes, it would be wonderful if they actually got a person to accept the gospel, but for a moment I believe that even if they aren't getting an appointment, the Elders are just as happy showing someone that they care. No one cares about anything that comes out of someone's mouth until they know that they genuinely care about them. Maybe all that random person at the door needed was for someone to just say hello. Just to knock on their door and show consideration for what's going on in their life. A touch from another human spirit.

This thought and vision brings tears to my eyes...because I know this is true. As my Daddy always says, "Just love the people". My heart swells with joy as the vision becomes clearer and I see my dear friend's name appears on that name tag...and it is him in the white collared shirt, greeting the woman at the door.
Maybe the converting isn't happening. But maybe their little heart is growing because of the love that was shown to them. Someone cared, "someone loved me for who I am".
"He loves me the way I am".

And those are my thoughts for the day. ;)

Love Always,
Little Besty

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