Welcome to {*ME TIME*}

Dear World::

Time to post.

For those of you who know me super well, you are fully aware and informed that I tend to be a
"by herself" type of girl.

You may ask, "what does that even mean?"
Let me help ya out.

Meaning::"travels and participates in activities while without another human being".
These activities may include::
*Going to movies
*Watching movies
*Shopping {though I despise it anyway}
*Looking for something for someone
*Getting food
*Doing homework
Now, for all you souls out there who might be freaking out at this point because you may have done one of these things with me, don't worry! It's not like I'm a hermit who never likes to associate with humans! I'm sure I had a wonderful time with you.:) This is just generally speaking.
I've never been a "let's go shopping at the mall!" type of girl. Is that bad? I have actually never been to the mall with a group of girlfriends in my life. If I do go to the mall, it's because I'm looking for a specific item or I just need some "me" time to look around. Even then, I get a headache after the first half hour of trying stuff on.

Let's talk about that for a second, shall we?
I always knew that I needed and had this "me time" for basic survival, but I never called it that until my dear friend, Isaac Jones, introduced me to it. I was discussing the topics above, how I liked to go to movies by myself and such, and wondered if something was wrong with me. However, he totally understood what I was talking about and explained that those things were just Ally Best having her "ME TIME". Ah ha! That's so right!
Do you ever have moments or days where you just need to get away from everything and just do something for yourself? Maybe these times are writing in your journal, going for a walk, getting your favorite ice cream or just going for a drive. Well friends, welcome to *ME TIME*.
We all need it! Even crazy mothers who feel their life is to hectic to take a breather, you need to do this!

So if Ally Best needs me time, she's gonna go to a film on her own, visit Target, get 1.00 ice cream at Walmart, or just look around University Mall. Done.

Well, let's finally get to the reason for the post today. {Haha, what? You haven't gotten to it yet? ;)}. Now that I'm in college...I happen to have a lot of time to myself. I even filled up my schedule to a bursting 18 credits this semester and I still have loads of hours to myself! How did this happen? Before I came to college, I perceived it as a "you're super busy with school work but are also filling every second of every day with hanging out with friends" type of thing.

Did I miss out on something?

Talking to dearest friends at different universities and even at SUU, I hear and read about all their adventures their having with their friends and with each other all the time...getting to bed late...all that college jazz. Am I in trouble if that isn't my story? I do hang out with people and have so much fun, but it's not every second of every day.
I find that my "by herself" type of girl personality is blasting through my social life. I love to hang out with people, I really do. But my natural option is to just watch a movie alone or read alone or go somewhere on my own...so my little soul is conflicting. I don't want to be all by myself, but then being with people at times gives me a little twinge of anxiety. It's not like I enjoy being alone all the time...but it's just my natural, safe place to be.

Ha ha, I'm sounding crazy.

But can I mention something? I'm human? Does that help my case?

So I guess the solution to my case is to step out of my little world and actually grow a bit, eh? Take some risks? I feel like I've grown a ton out here in Cedar City, but I guess Heavenly Father wants me to push a little farther...and I'm okay with that. I'll just trust you, Father! I'll do whatever I'm asked...just help me do it, please.

Bottom-line, having your own *ME TIME* is very enjoyable and comfortable if it is done with moderation. Haha, anyone for "moderation in all things"? Give yourself sometime to yourself, but also get out there and do something more! Get out of your comfort zone and become better. The greatest part about that is when you are trying your hardest to grow, Heavenly Father will be there to help...so don't you fret.

He's got your back.

"Make it so"

Love Always,
Little Besty

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