The Will

The Will

One of the hardest thing to do as a human being is admit that you're wrong. No one likes being told they should feel awful, bad, or ashamed of themselves. Haha can you imagine? "Hey, will you please tell me that I need to look over my life and seriously consider changing some things? It will be so fun!". Ya. No one enjoys that like chocolate. It's difficult...and hard.
However, think when the day comes when you actually say, "ya, I did something wrong"....doesn't that show some will to want to be better? For me personally...when I know that I just really goofed off and say that I was dumb and learned my lesson...that means that I'm ready to change.

A great priesthood leader that I admire told me today that I may have made a dumb choice, BUT....I am always greeted with open arms when I want to change. "We love you". We have the power of agency..and that can be taken away in a second if we use it wrong. I..understand the true importance of listening to the spirit...but in a new dimension. I knew that it was my best friend, I used it and loved the feeling it brought, but now I've just added another layer to why and HOW I know this is true. Thanks Elder Richard G. Scott for making me feel better today. I know I made a mistake and more importantly know and realize that it can fix it, make it disappear from memory and forget. I'm changing, becoming better.

Well, here I am. Changed. Knowing I will never "try the slightly rotting apple" twice. You wish you don't even have to try it once...but sometimes you do and you stumble, but you have to choice and power to never take another bite. Progressing is so refreshing. ;) It's like getting to the final Icecream Palace in Candy Land at the end. You may have come upon the Licorice Lord in your deck of cards and been bumped back to the beginning. But our Savior can make it easier by giving us a rainbow bridge across the lane. ;)

There is always hope. ;)

Love you world.

Love always,
Little Besty

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