Sicky sick sick...

It's totally cool I've been sick sick sick for the past three days. I thought it was gonna go away. Monday I stayed home from class...probably just exhaustion. But then yesterday I start feeling a scratch in my throat and go "oh crap". I know what that means.


Great...good thing I have a concert tomorrow night I'm supposed to sing at....yeah for me!

I felt like I was gonna pass out today. I wore my pajamas from the night before, put on a big sweater, put on my "you look fat" jacket (according to brother William), threw on the slippers with my much too big socks...hair thrown back in a falling out bun...

and yet...I still felt confident.

Ya, I wanted to DIE epically all day. All day my mind was on that HUGE test of life that I had at 3 o'clock...cram cram cram to get Composer and Art Song information in my head...stick stick. But I felt good.

I came home after my test feeling good about it and took out my hair. Even with my pale face with red splotches and cracked lips, it was an "ariel" moment. I let the hair fall, all wavy from my bun...and I felt good.

I threw on a skirt, gray tights, and converse shoes and felt good. Good meaning, I still have a screaming throat of death with nasal congestion, but I rule the world. There is always a way to make yourself feel better when you feel sicker than a dead dog.

Walking over to dinner with my purple coat and scarf tight around my neck to keep it warm, I felt true happiness. The sun was just setting, and I could feel the wind on my face.

I am still feeling like my body is going to collapse in a milla-second, but...I still feel good. ;)

Love always,
Little Besty

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