I've been having a lot of tussles lately...about my life...my future...my present condition...and I realize....sometimes, life just gives us curve balls. It's rough-my knees get dirty, I fall on my face, and almost get hit with the ball coming right at me. But...I have to stay in the game. Because if I'm dedicated to my team and to my biggest fan supporting me on the sidelines...then I'm gonna feel good at the end of the game. I did my best and can walk away a champion.

The biggest thing running through the mind of Ally Best is "be everything you want in a future companion". Now, I'm not jumping up and down saying, "I need to get married now!". I can wait till the Lord feels I, Miss Best and my husband who is out there somewhere are both ready. But I constantly think how every single one of my actions is going to effect my worthiness of getting the best guy ever for ally best. Everything I do...I will do it in regards to the fact that I want my husband to be proud of me when I get to him. And most importantly, that Heavenly Father can be proud of us both for working to hard to be worthy of each other.

I'm going here someday...and will be sealed for time and all eternity-binded by the glorious covenants Heavenly Father has given his children.

And I will be ready. ;)

Love Always,
Little Besty

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