Penguin Love

It's time to introduce you all to my little penguin. ;)

Isn't he just the cutest, fluffiest, little thing ever?! Ah.

It's totally fine I'm in love with a stuffed animal and being super affectionate about my new little item of stuffed-ness. Haha!

Have any of you seen the Madagascar Penguin episodes?
Well I've discovered this new obsession. Ever found a show or something with your almost exact humor? The kind that really gets you going? Well, Madagascar Penguins does that for Little Ally Best. The moment I saw the penguins on Madagascar, wow. I loved them. I adore penguins as it is and is one of my favorite animals ever upon ever. So, when these guys were created, I was all for it. My buddies showed me an episode of their own show on the internet about a week ago and now I have to watch them everyday! They always make me happier. Ah.

So, back to my penguin.
It appeared outside my front door last night, all wrapped up-complete with duck tape and labeled with a "Happy Birthday Ally!". I ended up being from a good friend who knew I loved penguins.

My friends, if you have seen these Madagascar Penguins episodes, you will know why this little guy.....
is named Private. There's a whole episode dedicated to how adorable Private is. I saw the tag that came with him, and went straight to Private instead of Rico, Kiwalski, and Skipper.

And this.

! Ah ha ! My life is complete. He is so little oh my goodness.

Yet again, it's totally fine I'm having a happy break-down about a stuffed animal. You would too if you saw this guy. I need something to help me stay upbeat here at school. The End.

Ally and baby penguin. Ah.

Haha. Have a good day everyone.

Little Besty

P.S. Put Madagascar Penguin Episodes in YouTube and click on the 11 minute episodes! You'll get hooked!

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  1. you are very cute. i can't believe you found something that is on your level of huggableness and is as adorable as you.