The News is Out

If you haven't heard already, Mr. DAVID ARCHULETA is the special guest artist this year for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert-only one of the biggest concerts EVER in the LDS church.

It's fine that I almost burst through the roof of my dorm room when I heard it from my sister in a text. My whole heart just literally exploded. It's fine. Totally fine.

I am not obsessed with the boy, but let's say I was and still am an avid fan of his music. I sing the songs, I've played "Crush" over 100 times, loved watching him on American Idol, read about him in his book, thought he was just the greatest role model for artists who want to keep their standards when they become famous....ya. David is pretty great.

Dear World::
I will be sitting as close as possible, hopefully hiding in the bushes on the stage of the conference center, in the month of December-waiting for Mr. Archuleta to sing with the choir I have grown up with.


Love always,
Little Besty

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