I love days like this.

Where I can be at church non-stop for the early morning hours to the darkness, set with a satisfying handful of stars. It makes me happy.

Today I...
*Day Light Savings?...what...
*Meeting! This is so great! Wonderful attendance!...wait...fast sunday=no meeting. Drat.
*Wow. Bishop Rocks.
*Read a lot of wonderful scripture and felt very happy about it.
*Sitting alone at sacrament meeting..no problem. It's actually really awesome for me because the meeting is so personal....oh...but it's okay Elders Quorum President if you sit by me...ya..TOTALLY FINE. ;)
*"He doesn't sound like Skipper. Sorry Friend."
*M. Russell Ballard...you are stupendous. In just a matter of years, we will be the Relief Society Presidents and Counselors...the Bishops and High Council men. Wow.
*Ate brownies...jello....potatoes, burger, fries, chicken, califlower, roll, salad, lots of milk and juice all in one meal. It's normal.
*Realized I'm totally not a girl to be picky about eating too much. "ah! I'm gonna get fat!" no. NOT ME.
*I like brownies.
*Wore Purple.
*"You can't go through Jareds like that just because they have the same name!"
*Poor R.A.'s.....
*Talked to Mommy and Daddy. ;)
*"Daddy's orders"
*I love Shari. ;)
*Can't find those minus tracks! Argh.
*Maybe I should go to sleep...
*Voice=dead. Oops....

Wow. So much to say, but I don't know how to say it. This will just have to do:

I know that my Redeemer Lives.

Love Always,
Little Besty

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