Birthday Wishes to a Favorite...

Happy Birthday Benny-Boy

Once upon a time I had the greatest brother in the world...and his name is Benjamin Q. Best.

He was born on this blessed day, September 8th, twenty-one years ago. And what a twenty-one years it has been.

I sit here and listen to "Hey Jude" by our beloved Beatles, particularly the "Naaaa Na Na Na Na Na Naaaa"s and invision Ben::

*Sliding on the slippin' slide.
*Running down the shoreline in California.
*Goofing off for the camera.
*"Hi Daddy!"
*"Oh don't worry. Dad just fell down the stairs. He'll be fine."
*Painting his art.
*Smiling at a friend.
*Laughing....just laughing.
*Playing with Legos
*Putting Ninja Turtles in the Christmas tree.
*Wearing green.
*Playing his guitar/drums
*Making us all laugh.
*Eating chips in the basement
*Listening to music at the computer
*Taking the time to listen.
*His fascination with lizards and stuff.
*His hugs when I was little.
*His hugs now.
*Graduation day.
*Seeing how grown-up he has become.
*His attractiveness. :) {He's a Best! What can I say?}
*Loving everyone..and being so kind.
*Putting on a dress and holding a purse...a couple times. ;)
*His quirks
*His love for what he knows best.

Ya. My brother's gonna continue to change the world because he already has. One little step at a time to make a big difference....he is living proof that philosophies are actually relevant. My brother is one of those people that you look at when you're younger and say, "Wow. I don't know how they got to where they are, but they are pretty peachy and just..KNOW who they are and what's going for them". My brother is one of those people you want to be around because he makes you feel like you can be yourself, no matter what you've done or who you are. He doesn't judge. My brother is someone who is brave enough to think outside the box in order to see the bigger picture. I respect him highly because of that.

Dear Ben::
You are the greatest Big Brother a little girl could ask for. ;) I'm sure lucky to have you, forever! -Doctor

Happy Birthday Brother. I love you!!!

Love always,
Little Besty

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