You know what's so great?]


..and new friends. ;)

People are so good. They really are. I think we judge the world too often to be filled with the stereotype of lost, broken, and crazy individuals. Well, have you ever turned it around and seen all the good?

We obviously think of Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and other folk when a teacher asks us, "so who was influential to the world?". Sometimes a "my mom" or "my little brother" will pop in there and then at that moment our minds say, "oh ya...." and realization hits that HOLY COW. There are so many GOOD people in this world. What in the world was I thinking when I said that this world is just falling apart and there's no more goodness and we might as well just give up now? Ya. We're in turmoil. It kills me to see what other countries suffer. And also to see what hate can do to perfectly good people. But overall? YES. Good people exist.

This has been running through my mind lately because I've seen some serious goodness come out of the people I'm around everyday.

*Shari walking all the way back from St. Jude to Juniper and then back again just so I could eat dinner.
*Garrison spending his personal time to figure out how the heck to fix Shari's tire.
*My voice teacher, Dr. Johnson, quizzing me like none other to make sure that my brain is actually expanding and learning. I have to do tough stuff to progress!
*That one guy who opened my door?
*Cameron having the greatest smile and talking to me.
*Scott. Rubbin' that lamp Scott.
*Makenzie, a girl I barely know who's in the opera Suer Angelica with me comes up to me randomly and says, "Hey! You have a gorgeous voice and I don't even know you!"
*Miguel making the smallest effort to make my day by teasing me.
*Barrett's hugs. Even when I say I don't like them.
*A call from Mommy. "I believe any man has the right to call his mommy anytime and she can call him!" -Mario
*A wonderful, phenomenal letter from a missionary who is very busy, but still takes the time to write faithfully every single week.
*The hard effort of a mother and wife I know very well and admire greatly who has A LOT going on and could have broke down months ago.
*My sister's hours of time put into getting her sweet husband to America.
*Will's courage to do what's right.
*Sara's smile.
*Parker's AMAZING character
*Professor Modesitt's almonds. ;)
*Professor Virginia Stitt blowing on the dry erase marker to get it go work...
*"Self, what are you doing!"

There is good everywhere. You just have to be willing to put forth the effort. ;)

Love you world.

Love always,
Little Besty

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