buckets of tylenol and MOMMYs*

Right. So for the first time, I missed class in college. And the reason?


I don't believe in missing class for fun in college. This was ingrained in my head as a stupid decision when my professor told me that you can miss class whenever, but remember that you are paying $20.00 for each class. Plus, I've been taught well and have a wise noggin' to know that you just need to go to class. And I love learning!

When I'm sick, I have a lot of time to think. I thought about how awesome my mom is. I call her this morning, saying I wanna die, and she gives me an hour by hour schedule on what I should do to ensure the best "being sick" day possible. Though I still felt like I was gonna throw-up at any given moment, I felt so much better knowing I was following my mom's advice. She's so wise....I love her.

My mom is amazing. She's beautiful. She's is simply phenomenal and I hope she knows I feel that way.
Reasons I love my mother....

*She holds me when I cry
*Every single night when I lived at home, she would sit and talk to me
*She has a sixth sense for me. I come home one night, and she already knows if I've had a good or bad night based souly on the feelings she had while I was gone....creepy...but AWESOME. ;)
*How many times did she massage my hands or comb my hair just because she wanted to?
*People tell me I look exactly like her...which I consider one of the best compliments ever because that means that someday I'll look like my GORGEOUS-beyond-all-reason mother! YES! Score!
*She sacrifices daily for her kids
*Even though her family life as a young woman was crazy, she got through it. She didn't only endure it, but she lived through it and learned so much from it
*She made each of us kids our own, individual lunches based on what we liked every single day for school
*When it comes to her strength to work, she's an ox. I've never met a stronger woman
*She has soft hands
*She lays by us when we're scared
*I love the way she sings
*She encourages me to be my best "ally" self
*She knows me better than anyone else (besides Heavenly Father)
*Mom is my best friend
*I like the way she smiles
*When she says "I'm proud of you", she really means it
*No matter what we've all done in our family, she still loves us
*She's a wonderful teacher
*Respect is something that everyone has for my mom
*When she teaches, it's like the spirit it talking directly to people
*She's faithful
*She gives WONDERFUL advice.
*My mom is so protective
*She loves my friends
*Her food is delectable beyond compare
*She does things for people without seeking for a "thank you"
*Her husband, kids, and family are her number one priority
*She has a knack for crafts
*I love her clothes that she wears. She looks so good in them!
*I love her laugh
*Her eyes twinkle because of the spirit she possesses
*She is so selfless
*She realizes that she's human, but picks herself up when she falls
*My mom spends so much time on her children. She's the extreme of the typical "soccer mom"
*I feel like I can tell her everything and anything, and I do
*I miss her the second I leave on a trip
*She smells good
*She sang to me as a kid
*She truly misses me when I'm away...
*She is a wonderful Daughter of our Heavenly Father
*This woman is super intelligent. I wonder where she got all her knowledge from
*She makes me feel safe
*I want to be just like her someday!

There are a bajillion more reasons why I love my mom. This is just the first 1/2998 of why I adore her.

I cry sometimes because I miss her so much. This is one of the main reasons why moving away was so hard. Because my mommy is far away!

I love you Mom. I'm so glad he gave me you. Thank you for taking care of me today, even though you were 3 hours away. ;) {P.S. I wrote this before you even called me tonight. :) } You're the GREATEST MOMMY EVER!!!

So, being sick is rough. I've consumed so much medicine and juice that I'm about to explode. But maybe when I go to bed early, just like my mommy directed, I'll feel better. Love you world! Thank goodness for MOMMYS!

Love Always,
Little Besty

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