I'm in love with a wizard named Howl*

It's totally fine that I wish my name was Sophie and that I had a curse that caused me to be an old woman till I was totally self-confident-and that my hair stayed forever gray like star-light.

Ya, it's perfectly normal

It's normal that I'm perfectly okay with giving my heart to a wizard that supposedly "eats hearts of young ladies" when they fall in love with him. {Though it just ain't true).

I think it's a problem that I wish I was the girl in this picture::

And it also is totally peachy that when I watch "Howl's Moving Castle", my heart leaps like a butterfly on steroids every time that Howl comes home after a battle. That I laugh when he comes running down the stairs, upset that his hair is dyed and that he can't go on living if he "isn't beautiful". It's cool that I want to walk in the fields of his special hide-a-way with the flowers he helped grow.

Don't be surprised if I come walking out of my dorm room tomorrow in a blue dress with gray hair and a braid with pink ribbons in it.

Ya, it's completely and wonderfully fine that I'm in love with a wizard named Howl. ;)

Howl's Moving Castle

See it.

Hayao Miyazaki? You are a genius.

Love always,
Little Besty

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