Back to D.C.

Yeah for D.C.! Wow. I can't believe I'm going again...but mostly that it's been 4 YEARS since then! Man. I feel so old. I know, I know. I'm like 3, but still. Time just flashes by so quick.

Looking at the girls in the very top pic? Gee I miss them. We're all at different stages and going on all sorts of adventures...just not quite together anymore. It's a weird thing. Let's be real. I stalk all of them on facebook and their blogs. Serious. I miss 'em like crazy. For how we used to be...and just missing their spirits.

3rd picture down? Ally squared and Chad squared. Ha! Look how young we are. Aly's married now....The Chads are back from their missions...and one in particular is pretty close to my home ;)...it's just crazy. Look at me! I got the brace-face and everything!

4th picture down. One is married. Rest of us? Doing our thang. Gee.

Last one. My Ser Bear. Oh my goodness I love her more than anything in this universe and miss our notebooks, laughing at the top of our lungs, hugs, talking about our crushes....all of it.

And the 2nd pic? Blossoms. Oh how I adore the D.C. blossoms. That's what I'm MOST excited for above anything else this visit. I hope they're in full bloom!

Just for the filler info, I'm a member of the Chamber Choir at UVU, which is directed by the marvelous Dr. Reed Criddle. Seriously, folks. He is the most phenomenal Dr. out there, and I love his guts. Genius. He's just a genius. Anywho, we're going on tour! To D.C.!!! And it's gonna be spectacular to be there again with another choir. It's what I do. ;)

Here's to a week in D.C.!


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  1. Oh my heart. I love this post, and I love our DC memories, and I love you! Have tons of fun in DC Ally!! Let's catch up when you get back, k? :)