Up at the Bird

This weekend, our little ole Fam took a one night getaway to SnowBird resort up the canyon by Salt Lake. We have a time share there and decided just a quick one night-er would do everyone a bit of good.

And kids? It was much MUCH needed. 

Reading through other blogs and such, it seemed we're all a little bit stressed, yet finding joy in the little moments. It's what gets us through, huh?

I realized something while I was sitting in a sauna and then watching the cool mist come over the mountains-something I've realized time and time again in my life. I have a beautiful family. Not just physically {which is completely true ;)}. But we just....work. We fit perfectly, so we find the perfect moments to laugh at the silly joke...the moment to catch the awkward look given across the table...to understand them. To understand WHY we love. Why our love was put together in a big "BEST" package. It's amazing to discover our purpose together. 

My brothers make me laugh. My fiance makes me feel. My mother makes me love. My sister makes me do. My daddy makes me grow. And Baby Robertson makes me hope. 

I love that.

Yes. Time away always makes the ticking of the clock go a little smoother. Give some oil to the gears. 


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