Put a Ring On It

It's so odd....
that I'm actually writing this.


Ok, folks. 
So only the most craziest and happiest moment
of my life has actually happened. 

I just...you know this day is coming and you see it
forever and ever from when you're a wee little thing...
and now that it's actually happening?

I'm a bit lost for words. 

I was planning on being all poetic and what not
when breaking the news, 
but dude-

I'm just plain pumped and...well...
the world is sort of still spinning with stars
and butterflies now, 
so I'll let you know when I'm back down to earth 
and can talk real sense. :)

But I guess I better get on with it
before I'm slaughtered for 
"delay of biggest thing of her life"ness.


Dear Universe, 
On May 8, 2012
at approx. 7:00 PM, 

And I'm sort of freakin' out about it.

Seriously, folks and especially girls. 
We all know we've {girls} been planning this
wedding on either a small or large scale for awhile.
Some sooner than others. 
I realize not every girl is as insane as I am
as far as planning since 9 yrs. old goes. 

But that it's actually happening?
I mean, I got a ring on it. :)
So....its gonna happen.

And I know that half of universe 
is screaming, "Hallelujah! FINALLY!"
I mean, if you didn't know Chad Edward and I
were on the road heading to marriage by now...
I just laugh at you. 
With love, of course.

Now, you may have seen pictures plastered all over
facebook from Chad Edward and I,
but you're just gonna have to see them all over
again on here-obviously!

I'll get to that post,
filled to the brim with
knitty gritty details of the proposal
really really soon.
For now, enjoy some of the photos Chad Edward
and I'll talk to ya'll in a few days!


Guess what?!


Love Always.

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  1. WOOHOO! I'm so excited for you! You are going to be the most beautiful bride in the whole entire history of the world. Congrats!!!