"Just Finished"

You know how a lot of bloggers have this type of thing?

"Currently reading"
{picture of book below}

and I love it?

Well, I've come across a dilemma here.
Since I'm a book worm myself and adore every minute of delving my heart and soul into a book, I thought I would join the "currently reading" thing. Not bad. But here's the hard part.

I read books too fast.

I started one yesterday afternoon, thinking I'd space it out and finish in a few days..

but I couldn't stand not knowing what was going to happen next in Chick Benetto's life.

So I finished it. Snap! Why do I do that to myself? The reason? It's not painful to sit and indulge in the adventures and happenings and events that reside in the pages of amost beloved book. So I just do it. I can't help it. Unless it's the huge, chunky books, stories I begin are always done from a range of a day to 3.

So is "currently reading" even worth it? I'll just change it constantly. *Sigh. The hard things in life. ;)
Maybe I'll just resort to a "just finished" because I have more space between books than how long I spend in them.

Well, let me tell you about the book I read yesterday. :)

Hmmm. :) This was a good one. If you read Tuesdays with Morrie or The Five People You Meet in Heaven? This book is most definitely for you. Let me tell you, Tuesdays with Morrie really did drastically change my life. I was in Jr. High and itching to make my own foundation of what was important to me...what I lived for. And Tuesdays with Morrie started that.
For One More Day....well, I'd like to tell you more about it, but I like to discover on my own through the pages I turn, what the story is exactly about. I refrain from reading back covers unless I already know the general idea of the book from another source or I ask for it. So I won't spill the beans. But I can tell you this. Your eyes will be opened. I believe it's completely real and true. And I know the people we've lost? Are always right with us everyday, whether we acknowledge that divine power or not.

Time is precious...and needs to be spend being with the ones we love and telling them we care. And if things aren't right with someone? FIX IS NOW, not when you're at the end of your life.

Loved this book. I highly recommend it!
And maybe I'll start the "just finished" :)



  1. Hum, if you are interested in fantasy I could recommend a few for ya :) just an idea. I also like the idea of a "currently reading" lol. Then again, I don't have much time to read or do much besides school, but it's fun :)

    I'm currently reading "The Uglies" it's an interesting book thus far. . . but like I said, I'm mostly stuck in my text books for school.

  2. Hey! I actually have that book, but haven't picked it up to read. I should get into it!