Oooh ya.

I'm scared.
And {really} concerned.

But that's ok.
Because if I didn't get scared?

I would take "safe" for granted.


You know what I love?


Those little things that just
make your heart want to explode into
1,000 pieces
and scatter like flecks of sunlight.

Like today.
I was sitting in my little education class,
and the girl sitting next to me...
well, she's super cool.

You know those one people
that you stare at {not creepy, I promise}
and admire and just think they're the greatest?
And you swear you would be best friends?

...except you've never said a single word to them?

I don't know if it's intimidation.
Or what.

Well, today?
I broke that barrier.

Oh ya!
I rock!

{Pick the tune of your choice,
and set them to my fab. lyrics}
"Uh-huh. I'm sweet. Party over here-
here-here-here! Ya!}


So I asked her about something
I've been dying to ask her about,
{which I won't say for the sake of
keeping secrets}
and then suddenly...


I was sooo pleased.


Another moment.
So...we're singing this song
with the band and stuff-
and maybe we aren't incredible-YET,
but I cannot describe the feeling
when the drum is rolling,
the trumpets are blazing,
Dr. Baker punching the chord {not literally},
and opening my mouth and telling the world,
through melodies and sound,
about how extremely happy
and overjoyed I am to have my Savior.

And that I know He's real. :)

Now that...
is a moment.

I like moments.

They make me feel like I could...
I don't know...

I hope you're all having a superb time
with your lives.

We got it good, folks.

Love always,
Little Best

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  1. I SO know what you mean about friends...i'm so shy, so when i get up enough to courage to initiate something, and then I get to be friends with that person, I do a little happy dance in my head :)
    ~simi (come follow me!)