R.I.P Parkers

It was possibly
the saddest moment
in my existence.

Waiting for my last order
ever to be filled at Parker's.

Whose maddening idea
was it to close that place down?

You know how long
that place has been open?

My dad and mom
have memories
of traveling clear from
sandy and salt lake to eat
at this place.

{Not saying by comparing
how long it's been open to my
parents' live span means
I'm expressing thought that
they're old. ;)}


I must tell you...
the most comforting food
at anytime in my life-
whether that be a long day at school,
non-enjoyable rainy weather
{which rarely happens},
time with my family,
or a quick stop in the middle
of a rush with mom and william-
Parker's Fries
always soothed my soul.

They really are THE BEST
fries to ever exist on the planet.

They aren't whimpy
like other places
who sell strips of straw
and call it tasty.

They're thick,
lightly dowsed in just the right amount
of salt,
and warm to the lips and mouth.

and the fry sauce just
makes the experience
4 million guzillion happymillion
times better.

Oh baby.

Since it's closing this week,
my fam took a special night out
on my Daddy's birthday
to enjoy the last of our beloved

If you see me on December 30th,
don't judge if you see tears
rolling down my face.

What a way to go out in style.
We sat in the car, all together,
and enjoyed every last savoring
bite unless all the fry sauce
containers were licked dry.

I'll miss you,
dear Parker's.

You will never be forgotten.

Love always,
Little Besty

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