Bros Rock

I have radical brothers

All of them are super-freakish
men who have talents reaching
to infinity and beyond.

Crazy talk.
I know.

About a week ago,
I went to one of my
brother's concerts.

Ya know.
Bunch of kids
crammed in a house
with M&M's, lights,
and good good tunes
brought to you by bands.

my brother's is the best. ;)

But really.

If I heard the songs I heard
that night on the radio
or anywhere,
I would buy the CD in a flash.

This time around,
my lil bro, William
got to help out a bit.

How sweet.

Don't worry folks.
I'll admit I got a few little
tears that weren't caused by the
carpet in my eyes that night.

Love you, bros.
You're already famous
in my eyes.

Love always,
Little Ally

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