Screamin' for the Turkey

I, normally,
can be a rather patient person,
but in this case,
comes to mind.

Mr. Turkey,
you really shouldn't
be taunting me like this.

I'm totally the little horse
with the carrot in front of it.

Just give it to me!!!

Thanksgiving, peeps?
I couldn't be more excited.

I was looking at pictures...
of food...
{don't judge}
and almost died.

I mean,
way to rip out the poor soul
of a starving,
"I just had macaroni and cheese...AGAIN"
college student.

Can I share with you
something that's incredibly dear
to my soul?

I struggle to even mention it,
but I'm told we are always supposed
to share our light and happiness.

So, here you go.


My heart just exploded.

If you're ever in my relief society
in my future,
and you find out I'm deathly ill
and need something to lift my spirits
and soothe my soul?

Bring me some yams.

I'll love you for eternity.

I am soooo ecstatic about this
Thanksgiving Break,
if you can't already tell.

I mean,
all I've mentioned is the food part,
and I've already passed away 3 times
just thinking about it!

Bu in all seriousness,
Thanksgiving is one of my favorites
because all the fam gets together,
lots of love,
wonderful fallness like below,

{*Pie Night} -which I will post
about during the break,
and a whole heap of thankful hearts.

It's going to be a splendid break!
So come faster!

Love always,
Little Besty

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