A Break

Today has kinda been
one of those days.

Nothing's really gone wrong.
I've laughed a lot.
Rode my bike
in the beautiful morning air.
Nothing's significantly out of place.

Let's just say that this girl
needs a night off.

And thank heaven's
Mr. Week man
for giving me a weekend.


You know when you get up
in the morning,
and you are so comfortable
and just had the greatest sleep,
that you literally feel like glue
is clinging to you as you get up-
so as to keep you in the beautiful
slumbers of sleep land?

Well that happened to me.

Then I was a little less
than motivated to dress up
at first,
so I put on my HUGE
wolf shirt
that is meant for sleeping
to wear for the day...
then decided I could at least

So I pulled on
the next best thing,
while still being in a
wonderful world of blissful

I can't wait to get home
tonight and pull on the sweats,
well deserved HUGE
wolf shirt,
pull out the {healthy ?}
goodies, put in a chick-flick
and drift into fantastic dreams.

Maybe I'll even take a bubble-bath.

...with no bubble-bath liquid...


It was a good thought.

:) Have an incredible,
stupendous, lazy,
goodie, jolly

Love always,
Little Besty

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