Beautiful People

I refused to let myself
sleep until I had collected
my thoughts
and written about something
on my mind today.

Beautiful people.

What comes to mind
when you first heard that phrase?

Did you think
of a movie star
decked out to the 9's?

Sparkly gems
embedded in lace
and satin?

model faces?

Well...not me.
I think of something
completely different.

Can I explain something
to you?

Let me say a phrase
that you've probably heard
before in your life.

"Don't judge a book
by it's cover".

Once upon a time,
I had really bad acne.
It was flaky.
It was rashy.
It burned.
And it looked red and patchy.

And can I be honest?
I felt insecure.
I felt like everyone
was starring me down
and thought my whole
depended on the unfortunate
rash that attacked my face.

I was young...
and didn't see the
big picture.

Then I grew up a little,
and the acne went away.
{For the most part}.

A few spots
still occurred,
but it wasn't nearly
as bad as before.

One night,
I was in my room alone,
and I saw my camera.

I took off all of my make-up,
and snapped a shot.

I looked at it...
and I saw something.

That girl was pretty.
She looked like a girl
I once knew when I was 8.

She was happy.
She loved life.
And she didn't care
about her facial condition.

I liked what I saw.


This was a simple moment
that changed the rest of my
life as a young woman.

I suddenly saw
that what was on the
inside mattered most.

And even though I was shy,
people might actually
like what was inside of me.

So I let it out.
I don't know what "people"
ended up thinking of the inside
of me,
but I was sure pleased
that I had let myself free.



I do a lot of people watching,
and I've discovered something,

Beautiful people
aren't the ones with designer
clothes and flawless make-up.

Yeah, they're pretty.

But my favorite people
in the universe,
are those who are kind.

Who have an obsession
with fantasy and books.

The ones who go out of
their way to go sit by
the one all alone,
and show genuine interest
in their life.

They aren't the ones who
pretend to be talking to the
one sitting alone.

They actually care.
For real.

The beautiful people
are those who have found
within that they are special.

They know their worth.
They are happy with
who they are.

They are grateful
for their awkwardness
and clumsy-ness.

They glory in the
fact that they sweat buckets.

They just...
this life. ;)

and, my friends?

They are beautiful.

The most beautiful people
on earth.

Be beautiful.

It's a choice.

Love always,
Little Besty

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