As I squished my body
into the crevice of the
"very muchly
not big enough"
to possess such love,
I couldn't help
but let a few tears gather
in my eyes.

I looked down the line,
and felt me heart
grow ten sizes
with each face I
gazed upon.

And when he
got up to speak?

All of sat,
full attention
on our beloved friend.

It was like rays of
super natural love
were splattering the pulpit.

I think this
is the farewell
where it finally hit me.

They really are
getting on a jet-plane
and cruising into the field.

There was so much love
in that room,
that when I slipped out,
I literally felt the difference
in my body
as their spirits left me.

When I re-entered,
it was like a waterfall
all over again.

Dear life,
Thank you for giving
me THE most fantastic
people to be in my life.

I am overly joyful
that I was given the chance
to be numbered among
such a stellar group
of humans..friends..companions.

We make weird noises
and thrive in awkward moments
for fun.

None of us can form
a complete sentence
99 % of the time.

We laugh.
All the time.

And we also know,
if we need to cry?

We're all there for
each other.

"We got your back".

I'm the luckiest girl
in the world.

Take the time NOW
to appreciate the big things,
but most importantly,
the small things that you cherish
and appreciate about your friends.

'Cause it's never till their gone
that you realize
how much you needed
that crooked smile,
that laugh,
that awkward leg stance,
"see ya",
that noise,
that face...
and that heart.

I'd just like to say...


For them.

Love always,
Little Besty


  1. This made me cry. I'm so glad I got to spend time with you the last couple days.

  2. Don't worry, I've been crying all weekend. Just not when I'm with you all! I love you so much, Laur...and I'm so happy we got to spend time together as well!!! It's made me the happiest girl ever!!!! I'll miss you...