Welcome to Life

"Oh, life."

I seem to be saying
that more and more
under my breath
these days.

As I reflect back
on this week,
I feel like it's
a whole other world.

Is that MY life?


The reason for lack of posts
in the last few...
has been simply
from an overload
of a little thing
"My Life".

Oh ya.
I've had ten million
things pop into my
head of what I could
write about,
but as I sat at the
I felt that day
just wasn't my day
to share.

I've been spending time
soaking up the rest
of your thoughts.

Does that happen to you?
Fast and testimony meeting
comes along
and you would totally go up,
but you feel like it's
your day to sit and listen
to others thoughts instead?

I'm ready for
sharing time

how life changes

No one is living
the life they were
living 10 years ago.

No one is even living
the life they were
living 10 months ago.

We all have our
we're living in.

My chapter currently
is working
more than I ever have
in my life,
spending time with family
and supporting friends,
and being involved
in a theater production.

And you know what?
It's good.

I have days where
I wish I was back to
the life of working
as a high school student
and not having to worry
about a job to support myself,
but then I am grateful
for my "new life",
for I have the privilege
of feeling the joy
of being responsible in
a new way that feels great.

I'm tired in different ways
these days,
but I love my life
because I am growing
and learning
and living.

if I ever have another day
where I feel like if one more
thing changes in my life,
I might pass away,
I find happiness
because there is one part
of it that never changes.


The beautiful gospel
of Jesus Christ.
The principles I learn
at church.
The sacrament.
The atonement.
The love of the Savior
and the Father.
Having the ability
to pray to God
whenever I want to.
Being able to nurture
my non-shakeable
testimony daily.

I'm growing up
and taking on different
responsibilities and changes,
but that's life.

And it's wonderful.

I am grateful
for this chance to share
my thoughts and emotions
on a page.

It soothes me.

May you find joy
in your life this week.

Love always, Little Besty

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