I know that when I fall
asleep to thoughts of cash-ins,
dream about them,
and then wake up to those thoughts...

I may be scared/stressed.

Why do I always get to anxious
about this stuff?

Oh wait.
Because I'm still
a new bean in the stock.

I'm talking about Subway.
And tonight they were crazy
enough to put ME in charge.

I've realized A LOT
from working there
that I can really use,
even as a wife, mother,
and woman.

let's just highlight one today,
shall we?

When you work at a
food place,
you see tons of people
come and go.

Little kids
holding on to mommy.
A group of boys gettin'
together for a bite.
Girls just getting off
of work.

Angry customers.
Happy customers.

Can I just say?
The ones with the smiles
or I feel like TOTALLY
understand what I'm going
through on the other side...
are the greatest humans on earth.

Their whole world
doesn't resolve around
a sandwich.

If I make a little mistake,
they laugh it off and
just say,

Thank you,
You keep me from
crying so many times.

I will ALWAYS be this type
of customer,
because I now understand
the training that the
"other side" had to go through
to be there.
Maybe it's their first week.
Maybe they had a really bad
day at home before they came.
Maybe they've worked a lot of hours
and don't think they can
make it to the next minute.

But they can make it
when they know that
some stranger...

This week,
I would especially like to thank
Mr. Beard Man.

Thank you for telling me
stories about your
cucumber heartburn.

It really does make my day.

And last week,
the young man who
sighed in happiness
at the way I put
on the tomatoes.
"Wow. Now THAT'S
what I'm talkin' about!
You, my dear, are an artist.
There's a type of art I studied
and my sandwich looks like that
because of you.
Thank you".

Thank YOU!
Come into my store


Have a good one, my friends.

And remember to be
a nice customer.

Love always,
Little Besty

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