"For Always.

Someone sure knows
how to pull my heartstrings. ;)

Have you ever pondered
what a real
friendship means?
How it feels?

What power does it have
on the human soul,
or even animal soul,
if we're getting technical
with such cases as
Fox and the Hound.

I have this little
necklace I always
where around my neck
from my best friend,
and it reads:


With friendship
and real love,
a heart then possesses
the power to live
more than one life...

It gives it reason
to beat forever.

My heart
is definitely

What joy has
been brought to
my little heart
from such a
miraculous friendship
that I never imagined
could be possible...
and this phenomenal.

This friendship
has given my
heart every reason
to rejoice
in the beauty in life...
in the smell of the air...
in the testimony of children...
in the protection from Heavenly Father...
in the soft touch of comfort...
in curly hair...
in twinkley eyes...
in otter pops...
in band aids...
in ties...
in faith...
in the words
"I love you."

What reason I have
to rejoice.

Happy 14th! :):):)

Love always,
Little Besty

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