To "Cuz"

Remember that one time
when I used to blog like crazy?

Oh wait.

Don't worry.
This summer has
zapped me of all

Not on my own accord,
for serious sake,
but zapped nonetheless.

Here's to hoping
I get more free time...
to write.


I woke up this morning,
and this is who I missed.

Ah, cousin.
I sure hope California
is treatin' you well...

You always knew
how to make me feel better
on the bad days,
and the fantastic ones.

One of my favorite memories
of you is when I just
needed someone to listen
and you sat with me,
on J's stage,
and listened for 2 hours.

Even with everyone wanting
your attention,
you stayed with me.

Then a few weeks later,
you took me to Subway
and we chatted again
at a pretty place.

When I auditioned
for the movie,
you were so encouraging.

How many times
have I had the absolute
privilege to be on stage
with you and had the
chance to watch you...
you always made me cry
with your genuine nature
and devotion to your craft.

Always, you've been
my comfort and support.

If any of you know
Jonny Walker,
you know what I'm
talking about.

Love you,
Elder Walker!
Miss you.

Love always,
Little Besty
Your favorite cousin*

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