Yeah for America!

I want to post about my 4th, too!

Welcome to the
celebration of
Independence Day
at the
"Best" Home.
{no pun intended}*

Our 4th was a bit more relaxed
than most this year.

And guess what?
We were all TOTALLY
cool with that.

After every single person
in our family
endured a hectic week previous,
a Monday to sit and breathe
{with popsicles}
sounded splendid.

Don't worry,
I started the "relaxing"
day off right by getting up
at 5:30 AM!
Not to mention
a half hour of sleep
behind me.

but it really did feel
good once I got off my pillow.

I ventured off to Provo
to meet up with my
High School Musical buddies,
because guess what!

We were in the Provo parade!

Apart from the exhaust
blasting in my lungs
and the heat,
I actually was in love.

I love performing.
I mentioned to our music
director last night
that I can only go so long
without being in a show.

My heart needs it!

William participated
in the marching band, as well.

Can I just say?
I love you, William
for walking in the blasting heat
in the blasting hot uniform.


After the parade,
we all took a little nap.
The whole fam.
It felt gooooood.

it was off to the fireworks.

Now here's the deal.
We Best's don't just like fireworks.

One year,
my sister was so obsessed
that she spend the whole summer
going to all the city day firework shows.

Hurrah, Leafy.

There's just something about them
that fascinates me.

As we all laid out under the sky
with sparks above us,
I thought about how much
this country means to me...
and how it couldn't be so
without Heavenly Father's

we have things that we
aren't proud of,
but we have NO IDEA
how blessed we truly are.
The fact that we can get up
in the morning,
take a shower,
get ready,
get in a car
and drive to Walmart to get milk
is A LOT more than
the majority of the world can do.

So stop hatin' on the AC
that isn't cold enough
and take a second
to see the bigger picture. ;)

*We are rather blessed, in our home, to have an
addition to the family that happens
to be from a little place across the ocean,
called England.

Celebrating the 4th of July gives a bit of a chuckle, for Sir Thomas comes from the side we were fighting against.
{Hahaha}. However, it just isn't that big of a deal.
My mommy said something pretty sweet about the subject.
"Guess what, guys?
In the end, we're all from there, anyway."

It's true!
My family heritage is rooted
in England.


I love America!!!

*Hope you all had a lovely 4th*

Love always,
Little Besty

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