The Fire

Even though I feel like
I never have time to stand
and rest at Subway,
I actually get to think.

After all,
I spend half
of my day there.

The other day
I got to thinking
about some serious prayer.

It's quite a big deal
in my life.

I thought about times
in my life
when I prayed so hard,
I thought my head was
literally going to explode.

That day,
I had that experience
once again.

As I pleaded for an
and little tears fell down
my face...
I got a little upset.

I was getting an
idea of the answer...
and I wasn't too pleased with it.

Not because of my displeasure
of what I was supposed to do,
but because I realized
I should have used more wisdom
and taken the hint.

He gives us comfort,
which is what I was seeking.
But sometimes,
He's got to let us go through
the "refiner's fire".

"Ah, yes.
I should have guessed!"

Refiner's fire
isn't exactly a process
that feels like melted chocolate,
but it sure knows how to change
a person...
and make them stronger...
not just softer.

Instead of greeting
the fire with tears,
maybe next time
I'll put on my
pilot goggles,
biker gloves,
and say,

"Bring it on!!!"

And with that thought,
I smiled,
turned my head,
and said,
"Welcome to Subway".

Love always,
Little Besty

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