When You Say

You know how you hear a song
and you absolutely love it
and want to remember it forever,
but don't make a note of
the name of it,
so it's lost from your mind forever?

Ya, I do that all the time.

So I've been doing this new thing
where I keep index cards by
my computer and fill them
to my heart's content
when I brilliant song comes
into my head or I hear one somewhere.

It's been quite helpful.

Can I be honest for a second?
I hear songs and think,
"Oh, I want that played
in my wedding video or on the
dance floor at my reception or
I want to sing that at my luncheon
with my hubby."

How awful that I forget them!

So when I get to that day,
{as close or far as it may be}
I don't want to be staring with a blank
brain when the one putting together
the music asks what I want.

Girls can think these things, right? ;)
Just like they can plan every
detail of their wedding when they're 12.

Tis normal.

Anyway, so I have one
I want to share with you all.
It's actually my favorite.

"When You Say"
By Gabe Bondoc

{If my link doesn't work,
LOOK IT UP on youtube.}

I know you'll love it.
Saying I adore it
is sort of an understatement.

May you drift off
into thoughts of your
special someone.

Love always,
Little Besty

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