Yummy Spicy Tacos

Can I share something with you all?
It might be a bit personal, so I warn you now.
{Mommy? I say sorry in advance
for telling something not-so-lady-like.}

I get Tacos.
Yep, I just said that.
Under the armpit,

You BET.

Maybe this explains my
unexplainable love of Mexican food...

The other day I had put on a brand new
shirt my mommy had bought me over the
weekend and, to my dismay,
within an hour of my first class...


I know there's probably some scientific
reason why human bodies have to do
this sort of thing,
but did we really have to create this?

So, I walk into my room with a puppy frown
on my face and Gypsy asks what's wrong.

{Baby voice}
"Gypsy...I hate Tacos."

The reason why I post about this
what should be embarrassing body function?

Ya, it's frustrating and sort of odd,
but in all reality?
Despite the sighs and puppy frowns,
I actually don't really care.

He loves me no matter what
goes on under my armpits.

My name is Alison Best.
I like to drink milk out of the carton.
I double-dip.
And I get Tacos.

Have a wonderful week!

Love always,
Little Besty

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