As I snuggle up
with my steaming
Cup O' Noodles,
all I can think about is
my daddy.

Oh, daddy.

The fact that I watched
"Father of the Bride"
tonight only emphasizes
the thoughts already running through
my mind. ;)

Isn't that a stupendous film?

As I watched the loving looks
Annie gave to her father
{played by Steve Martin},
I recognized them...
because I had given them myself.

How hard it will be
to put another man in front of him
one day.
How do daddies do that?

They watch these little kids
from the moment they leave the
birth canal, to the moment
they get on that bike,
to the moment their telling you look
beautiful on Prom night...
to the day he sees you in the temple
across from the man of his little girl's
wildest dreams...

and watch, with all these memories
flowing through their mind,
knowing that their little girl is only
completely theirs for awhile longer.

Daddies just hope and pray
that the man their little girl
has chosen will see all the
wonderful things they see,
and will love her more than anything.

Though Daddies may feel like
their little girl is leaving them,
find comfort in this.

No matter where I go,
no matter what I do,
you will always be my Daddy...
my best friend who I can cry
to and ask for advice.
You'll always be the one to tease
me so bad that you make me cry
in frustration.
You'll always be my favorite one
to sit by on the piano and sing with.
You'll always be the one I can count
on for a big bear hug;
even when I think I don't need it.
You'll always be my favorite chef,
and my favorite wood maker.
You'll always have the best mustache
in my book.

I love you, Daddy.
Even when I am in the temple,
about to me sealed to my sweetheart for eternity,
know that I will look over at you,
and smile...
because you can never be replaced.
And you will always be
my Daddy.

Love you, ya fruit-loop.

Love always,
Your Mo


  1. Ah Little Besty. This post brought me to tears. I adore this film and have been thinking of my papa a lot lately. What a weird day indeed it will be when our fathers give us away.

    Dad are the best. :)

  2. love. i love you, and i love this.