Ah, what a day to rejoice in my Savior.

In the last few minutes of Easter,
I picked up my journal
and found myself speechless.
The pen could not write.

All of you reading this know
that trying to describe the feeling
of love you have for the Savior
personally is downright
impossible to describe.

Even with this struggle,
I found some jumble of words
to put in a paragraph
that expressed my gratitude to my
beloved Redeemer.

Then the pen stopped.

Suddenly, a gentle
reminder came into my heart.
And my spirit became full with His love.

And here is what came next onto the page.

"I have covenanted with my
Father above and Savior to
always remember him,
which creates a world full of
continual Easters.:)"

Just like we say at Christmas time,
everyday is a celebration
of Christ and His life,
not just on December 25th
and Easter Sunday.

I rejoice with the same exuberance
as I do on Easter,
every single moment of my life.

He lives.

And my testimony of that fact
will never falter.

May you feel his
and never-ending

for you.

Love Always,
Little Besty

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