Runaway Bride

Today I took a little trip to the D.I. to finish my Christmas shopping {Awesome, I know right?} and happened to cross the movie section.

Do you know movies sell for ONE BUCK there?

Ya, and they all aren't just Buns of Steel.
I seriously found the Jack Pot.
I hope my future husband is okay with the fact that my little splurge of my life will not only be ice cream, but buying movies. And now he has no need to worry about our pennies falling out of our pockets!
Sweetheart! D.I. for a buck, dude!

So I purchased some...stuff...which also included a little movie called Runaway Bride.
Can I just say I have always and still love this movie?
Ya, I watched it right when I got back from my little shopping run and my young teenage years suddenly rushed back to me. I love this movie! And you know what? Though Julia Roberts will always play "Julia Roberts" {if ya know what I mean} in every movie she is in, I still enjoy watching her.

Then I started wondering about something. As I watched the young "Maggie Carpenter" fail to commit...I thought about how I feel about all that stuff. That little word called Commitment.
Yes, I am only 19 years old, thank you very much, and am not planning on saying "I DO" for quite sometime...but it's sort of scary knowing that it's becoming more of a reality more than "something down the road". Instead of thinking and prodding at my ideas of a perfect "ally" wedding...could it be that one day it really will happen?
I know the answer is yes...but wow.
Instead of watching those chick flicks as a single young woman, I'll have a little ring on my finger and be eternally with my sweetheart forever.

I've realized that dating is just a wee bit different after high school.
{Que "amen sister" now}
In high school, you're all just good buds. If you do end up "being" with someone, it's only on rare occasion that something ends up coming from it. Don't get me wrong, I know plenty of awesome couples that dating in high school or were just buddies and now they have been happily married for years. And that is so great. But as a general note, most of the time, dating in high school is just free, whateverness. It's not like you're dating for marriage, though I strongly believe and know that dating is a chance to learn and find out what we want in a future spouse and it is very good to just have fun and get to know people.

Well, then there's AFTER high school. Men, if you're a pre-missionary and going on dates, you have a "mission" shield on anyway so step aside for just a second.
Girls, we have a whole different story. We could take 5 million paths.
1: Get married right out of high school
2: Go to college
3: Become a model or something
{Hey, my friend is doing that right now}
4: Work, work, work.
5: Study abroad

The list really is just full of any option, for reals.
Eventually we all get married and start our own families, but what about until then if you're not a "right out of high school" type of girl?
So here's my deal. After high school, though you may have plans, you're kinda free game. You go on a date and you actually like them and they like you...you care about each other a lot...it's not really a "high school" option anymore of just saying, "well, we'll date and stuff, but he's got a mission...we're just in high school...etc.".
You could actually marry the kid.

Pure honesty for just a second. Can a tell you a secret? I'm sort of really scared of a PART of commitment. If I date someone NOW in my "after high school" state and like them and they like me...but after awhile of dating I figure they're not the one for me...then it's awful and ouchie and someone ends up getting hurt. Honest.

Though my fear is still there...my dad told me something once when I had just had my little teenage heart broken.
"Ally, you know, before you get married, you're gonna get your heart broken a lot. It hurts and it's not fun, but think about how happy, after all you've been through, you'll be to finally have someone that was worth it. And he's yours for eternity."

So...my dad's pretty cool. ;)

Ya Dad, I guess you're right. :) It's all worth it. Sometimes you just have to take the chance of getting hurt...because you won't get anywhere if you don't. And hey, he'll mend all my brokenness anyway. ;)

So though I know I would never RUN AWAY on my wedding day,
I can commit and say for other things in my life:
I will not run away.

Happy Holidays
Love Always,
Little Besty


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I love this movie too. Just watched it a few weeks ago. :) You're so cute, I love reading your blog!

  2. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one. Tis a wonderful movie! I watched it with my mother again last night. Thanks Kalynn, I'm glad you like it! Hey, Adam comes home in a month and a half holy COW!!! ;)