Just a word or "Tuo"

Wow! I can't believe it! I'm almost super much done with finals! Ok, maybe there's 2 1/2 more, but they're going to be pretty breezy and I am so excited!

Greatest part of today?

My Jury. Say what?

For those not in the music program, SUU has juries for all music majors. You perform one song of your choice that you have learned over the semester to all the professors of your area. After that, they choose another one of the songs you've learned. You then do some sight singing, scales, and intervals.
{Thank you sweet Dr. Herb and Mama Warby for pounding that stuff in my head!}
They make is sound like the end of the world, but it's not. As I left, I said to myself,
That was it?

My favorite song, "Per pieta, bell'idol mio" by Vincenzo Bellini was super fun to sing for my professors. I guess I improved dramatically since the first time they heard my voice and I was just so tickled! Finally! I get to show people what huge voice is really inside this little tiny body. ;)

So? Ya. It was great. Soon afterwards I had my Italian and English Diction final of life. I sang my "Per pieta" song again and then Professor Modesitt plopped down a 11 pg. final on our desks. I was pleasantly surprised, as I looked through the pages, to find that the test was actually pretty chill. I knew almost everything on that test! I walked away from slamming {ok, maybe not slamming} that test in Modesitt's lap saying, "e-o! I feel good!"

So now I sit here with only one little 5 minute final at 1:20 tomorrow and a smile is on my face.
It also helps that I'm wearing bright pink sweats and a blue v-neck.
Just sayin.

Love you world.
Love always,
Little Besty

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