Flashing Lights

A blur
Cold touches my cheeks
I am suddenly extremely aware of the little pounding in my chest
Blue jackets
Flashing lights of blue and red...almost like they're flashing to the rhythm of our hearts
Life hanging by a thread.

As I sit at the top of the stairs, holding on to the rail...I see a man fight for his life.
My eyes are holding back the tears. I can see his wife trembling in a nearby chair...praying that he does not pass on, leaving her on her own.

My chair is abandoned. I stand on the cold ground finding it hard to form words.
This is like a nightmare that I can't wake up from.
We all knew it would come to this.

If I was to utter anything to any soul right now, it would be this.

Life is precious.
Life is pure.
And life is worth living.

Hearing the ambulance twice this week
and actually BEING where it was going sort of puts your life into perspective.
Tears form in my eyes as I go back to these images in my head.
One instance, it was brought upon by one not loving the gift God gave them: A body
The other, age...heart attack...possibly his time.

I see two opposite ends of the spectrum. Two ways we meet the passing to the next world.
And I can't help but realize how precious life is. In a moment, your heart could stop beating.

Now is the time to take that second in your crazy and busy life to tell someone you love them. Tell someone you've been dying to tell them how much you care.
Because you never know when you may have the chance to tell them again.

Love yourself. Love your body. Love your soul.
It was a gift to be cherished.

All my love,
Little Besty

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