Drops on my Head and Flakes underfoot

Drops on my head
Flakes underfoot


Since the moment I walked in the door as an official "done with first semester of college" girl, I don't think I've breathed. Really breathed. Within 45 minutes of just getting home for my wonderful month of break I am sitting at the Best Family Christmas party, eating chili with Frito Flakes.

Then the whirlwind begins.
Tying quilts, writing letters, reading scriptures, visiting my kids {little drama buds}, working-WORKING-WORKING!!!, eating, driving, shopping, looking at lights, dates, making hot cocoa, watching David Archuleta and my choir, chilling, dealing with my back, church, crying, laughing, watching Letters to Juliet, worrying about friends, planning Christmas, Missy, family......it just goes on and on and on.

Then I determined this.
It's totally worth it.

Let me explain the title of this entry and the few phrases at the beginning.
"Drops on my Head and Flakes underfoot"
::Saturday morning I awake to my mommy nudging me to get up. "It's time to go to work". Really? Do I have to? I get dressed, and head out to my job. At least Mommy is working with me today. She always makes working a lot easier.
SUDDEN WORRY as I lift my body out of bed.
*This is not a good back day*
I feel the oh-to-familiar ache of my lower back and am very aware of the space between my ribs. I can feel the bones out of place and my rib cage hurts as I breathe.
This is usual for me, after my little back problem incident, which only gets to be a big deal when either I work really hard {aka lots of lifting} or very frequently, exercise, am physically active, or eat alot. ;) It's something that I just deal with. I'm just lucky I don't have shattered discs or something like my dear family friends. My pain is nothing compared to them.

So I tell myself to just tough it out and, yet again, not let my body take over and stop me from accomplishing what I want to do with my life. I get to the shop of Brown Brother's Catering and start getting everything ready. The pain...I can handle. I walk outside to go to the car and look at the snow under my feet. I sigh at the rain lightly showering on my head...it feels so good. And then I am grateful. So grateful to work. That I am able to work...what a blessing.

One of my favorite things in the world? Hard work. I love working hard. My job is so wonderful. I love getting done with a party and feeling so accomplished with the work I've done. In the moments of working-like filling up the fruit tray or talking to the family at a wedding-I am happy. I love my job. Responsibility and hard work are one of my favorite things ever.

So, with the drops on my head and the flakes underfoot, I am happy. Purely and most joyfully happy. Life is good, and I am so blessed to be alive.

Love you world.
The Pain is worth it.

Love Always,
Little Besty