Babymoon in Sunny California-Part 1

I feel like I post all the time....then realize I never WROTE the post I was thinking about. Ha! Silly, silly Ally.

Well! Of course I always have catching up to do of past events. Today?

The Babymoon!!!

We had heard an idea that taking a vacation before the babe comes is a fantastic thing to do. Chad Edward and I thought about it and figured this was something we really wanted to do since we would never have time without little wee ones again. (Don't worry. We will definitely be taking time for just the two of us in the future!) 

San Diego ended up being the place we decided to go. I was soooo excited to go to the beach! It's only my most favorite ever-PLUS my most favorite human, Chad Edward, would be with me...so what could be better?! 

We left for our 4 day trip in June on a Tuesday morning. In the end we decided to fly, and we were super stoked to fly together as married folk! One of our first experiences together as friends in high school was flying to Washington, D.C. together (which was my first flying experience ever), so we couldn't wait. 

We had a lay-over in Arizona and had a few set backs that cost us a few hours....but we stayed positive, knowing we were on our way to a week of awesomeness.

Once we figured out the bus/trolley system and finally got to our hotel, it was pretty late. And it just so happened that our hotel was literally RIGHT off the free way. Like not off an exit, but off the side of the road, so there wasn't a lot of options around for food. There was a diner right next to the hotel (the only food around), so we dashed over to get something to eat. However, they closed 1/2 hour early (stupid....) even though their sign said otherswise, so we were stuck without food!  But, we found a random pizza delivery paper in our hotel room and got a pizza. All was well!

The next day we got up and planned our travel to THE BEACH! Ah. We were the most excited for this aspect of our trip. We couldn't wait to sink our toes into the sand! By way of bus, we arrived at La Jolla Shores area. First we stopped at a little cove area (absolutely beautiful) and then hiked our way to the main beach. The hike ended up being a real hike :) where we walked along the coast, which lead to us walking through some neighborhoods for a bit, but we eventually found the beach.

Don't you love my oh-so-pregnant feet? Heavens.

When we got to the second beach, we were starved. We thought this burger place looked pretty swell right off the coast, but we were very disappointed. It was fine, but nothing special whatsoever.

My superman. :)

I wuv him!!!!

Modeling my new prego swimsuit. :) Say hi, Charlotte!

The weather went on and on being cloudy and sunny, but we just couldn't get enough of the beach no matter what the weather. It felt so good to be together on the sandy shores and in the waves. :) A perfect day!

Love always,
Ally Jo

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