23 on 23

There's always the sappy grossness 
that comes with expressing affection and admiration
towards your beloved. 

But I'm gonna eat that grossness up
because I got a guy to brag about. ;)

Today, is my husband's birthday. 
And his special
"I turn 23 on the 23rd"

Only happens once for all of us. 

I've been meaning to write a post 
about my dear husband again
for awhile now, 
and found a perfect day to do so.
His birthday. 

When I met Chad, I noticed something quite special about him. He was so selfless. I never remember him thinking of himself first. I loved being around him because of that. He was all about entertaining his friends. Getting his schoolwork done. Thinking of special things to do for those around him. Dedicating himself to the school by being a full blown SBO for our high school. 

I was getting used to the fact that some people come and go in our lives, especially in junior high/high school. Awesome friendships don't quite die...but some do fade with time and moving on. A part of life, as you will. With Chad, it seemed like it might be like that. I had no idea, either way. But then I realized that I couldn't shake this kid. I might have had times where he wasn't at the top of my list of who my little teenage mind thought was my best friend, but he was always there regardless of my uncertainty. 

When summer hit after my sophomore year, the year of meeting Chad, I thought we probably wouldn't see each other much. However, he keep a hold of me. We emailed back and forth. Things like, 

"thank you for hanging out with me this weekend I really liked talking with you at the ampatheater and the cemetary!" 

Love his spelling, right? :)

Then we would write about our sundays....what we learned. Experiences we had in the week. He grew to be the one I turned to. The one who understood me most. We could talk about our growing testimonies together. We could talk about our stresses. He was a breath of fresh air for me. I still have every email he sent to me. :)

Again, he was all about others, including me. What could he do for me today?-was always a question I heard regularly. 

Anyone who knows Chad knows he is very special. He definitely loves a good party and will chat with anyone who will listen. :) Since we've been married, he hasn't had as many chances to hang out with his buddies, so I get a full on party all the time. :) Yes, frequent dance parties around our place our quite normal. And though I may have heard certain stories 12 times, I love it still. :) It makes me laugh and I'm so happy to be his listening ear. 

I've never met a more dedicated man to his faith. Yes, none of us are perfect, but Chad just has this gift instilled in him of having a great love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and showing it. He is a BRILLIANT teacher. I may have never had the privilege of being in the room when he teaches missionaries or elders quorum in our old wards, but I have been his pupil many times and know he speaks with conviction and strength. He LOVES the Lord more than anything else and his is faithful servant. I am lucky to have such a man as he. 

Another characteristic of Chad that is purely exquisite is one that many may not get to see like I do. It is very rare to find someone who is very intensely driven to REALLY become better. REALLY want to change. I know we all seek it in our hearts, but Chad so actively seeks it. That can be hard to come by....especially in marriage. But he has always been that was since we started dating. "What can I do better?...I'm sorry, I need to change. What can I change? And do you have suggestions of helping me do that?....I was wrong. Lets work this out". 

Things like that. I got a divine individual for my husband. And I'm so lucky that he is loving in helping me with my quite evident imperfections. I never take for granted his willingness to change and become better. 

I have a lot more to say of course...especially regarding Chad during this whole pregnancy, but I'll save that for another day. :) Bottom line, I got a sweetheart. And he's a dang good sweetheart. I have a man who is always looking up, and stepping up. I'm just glad he lets me tag along. This man was born for greatness. And he's already doing a pretty sweet job of it. Today, and everyday....I celebrate Chad in every aspect of life. He is my rock. My love. 

And I scored some major points when I became his Mrs. :)

my best friend, companion, teacher, hero, and love.

I love you, 
Chad Edward Johnson!

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